Mikel Arteta wary of United threat to Arsenal’s weak defensive foundations

“We made one half-bad decision [to back off] and these teams, when in space, they punish you, for sure. But the opposite option is to defend all the time and be there [in defensive areas] and that we don’t want that.”

Arteta delivered the last line with a smile. Arsenal are a front-foot team, their mindset is to attack and that they will remain that way under Arteta’s charge. What he wants is to place a structure in situ which can provide numbers on offensive and defensive transitions, leave options on the ball and spaces between the lines. the first signs during this regard are encouraging. What he must learn is that the capacity of the players to work at his tempo, to form the proper decisions and execute them. https://www.agensbobet888.online/ agen sbobet online

The balance of the midfield are going to be key and, more precisely, the way to find a task for Mesut Özil. Arteta’s predecessor, Unai Emery, tried everything with Özil but there was always the sensation that the off-the-cuff playmaker wasn’t a natural fit his style.

Arteta has given Özil the central attacking midfield platform that he craves in each of his games thus far – the draw at Bournemouth then Chelsea – and there are positive signs. Özil has created chances, although his ability to try to to that has never been unsure. With Özil, it’s all about creating an environment; to possess him switched on instead of drifting; to seek out a consistency that has often proved elusive.

“Mesut is fixing everything he has and his numbers, physically, have improved such a lot,” Arteta said. “On his own he can’t roll in the hay. He needs the collective structure, organisation and his teammates. He needs the team to play during a certain thanks to facilitate his strengths more and more within the game. That’s what we’re trying to try to to.

“I put him within the team if I see a day that his attitude, desire and understanding of what we’re trying to try to to is there. the instant that this changes, then he won’t play.”

Arteta felt a connection between his players and therefore the Emirates crowd during the Chelsea game that “probably for an extended time hasn’t been seen”. But will the bitter late twist have an impression on their confidence?

“That’s my worry now,” Arteta said. “I hope the result doesn’t affect them an excessive amount of. They were all physically blown and disappointed in how the sport ended because they didn’t feel they deserved that but we’ve to maneuver on. they need to reply. this is often the challenge.”

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